Friday, July 30, 2010



It was a long time since any of Moni's pictures was posted in this blog. I was telling her in one of our chats that she has not sent any drawing for the blog and asked her to draw something.

The very next day she gave this picture to her mum and asked her to send it to thatha. She also explained that it is her room and also the TOOTH FAIRY. Moni said that the tooth fairy came in a horse to pick her fallen tooth.

Since i have not seen her room I asked her mum to send the photos of her room. I found she has very clearly shown the important toys in her room – the tall stand in the corner and colored boxes. And then … the dark sky with a crescent moon. The fairy is riding the horse.

I wonder how come she was able to visualize a horse and draw it so well. I know I can never draw a horse like her just from my imagination. Even the mane of the horse is there in all detail. Marvel at the signs of a great artist in her!

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