Thursday, October 9, 2014



                     Lines in the pix ....
Flow little Yamuna
Flow slowly down the sea
Someday, your rise 
Will bring gift for me.

DHARUMI says …………..

Jessica was at our home in Madurai for a four day visit. I told her that it was long time since we posted anything in her blog. So long a gap,  I asked her whether she brought anything for the blog. She hesitated for a minute and then she said that she would give something.
First she gave me a pix of a bird – on a roughly torn paper, drawn with the pencils available. Then she wrote two poems. Akbar and Birbal – she said that it is one of her prose lessons. She said that she would give that in poetry form.
Then another one ‘mummies’ .

Here they are …………


Akbar and Birbal were walking near a stream
Though it was cold it really gleamed
A man who stepped in it wouldn’t survive without light
Akbar sadi, “I’ll give a reward to the one to stay in overnight”.

A poor man who lived in a hut
Heard of the reward, he would try his luck
The river was colder than a fully charged fan
“Good luck, old fellow”, 1akbar said to the man.

The poor man had to stay in all night
He shivered and coughed, he was full of fright
He tried and tried not to think of the cold,
But all he could think of was the gold.

The next day, the man was numb
He was all white from toe to thumb
He was happy, he forgot of the cold
But all he could think of was the gold.

“very good” Akbar said. “How did you stay though it was damp?”
“Your Highness”, he said I thought of the lamp.
“He cheated ” said a courtier. “This man is a fraud.
“Old man”, said the King, “You won’t get a reward”.

As he heard this, he was overwhelmed
He sought out Birbal, told him his problem.
“Don’t worry” said Birbal, “You will get the reward”
“I’ll prove that the king is a fraud”.

The next day, Birbal was late,
The jealous courtier told the king Birbal’s late,
“He should be hanged” they said “He did something wrong
“I’ll go “ said Akbar, “And see what’s wrong.

Birbal made a kichidi(கிச்சடி), It was hung very high
The fire was low; Akbar asked why.
He said “The man just thought of the lamp.
So I’m doing the same to make my food damp.

Akbar realized he was a fraud,
He gave he poor man the reward,
“Huzoor”, said the man to Birbal in a happy hue
“We need more people like you!”



Mummies creeping here and there
Mummies creeping everywhere!
As they walk straight down the ahll
You can hear their calls –
Rah … Rah … Rah.

Starry nights are such sights
But when mummies bump in your might
You might say “That’s not polite!”
Rah … Rah … Rah.

When they dance their kind of funny
When your in a tomb don’t scream to you
‘Cause your mumky who you want won’t be
Your mum of your nightmare will
Rah … Rah … Mummies.

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